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Tips on Attracting Women

So many guidebooks claim that men and women are different species that will never find it easy to communicate with each other. As a result, so many men think that attracting a woman is a mission impossible. They begin searching for complex manuals on attracting women and they still fail.
To attract a woman, you will have to be yourself but you will also have to learn how to flirt properly and how to enjoy the process. Having fun and being confident will guarantee your success. Here is everything you need to know about attracting women.
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Keep Some Bad Boy Charm

Women fall for bad boys because there is something tremendously exciting about taming a wild guy and changing his destiny.
Even if you are a very shy and very nice guy, try to show some of that bad boy charm. A bad boy will never give her his unconditional attention. In fact, bad boys refrain from chasing women too hard – women are the ones that show the first signs of interest.
Instead of showing her that you are already madly in love, try to remain cool and slightly distanced. This way, you will immediately tickle her curiosity.

Stop Trying to Please Her 100 Percent

Women hate the “yes” man. Refrain from agreeing with her about everything and trying to please her 100 percent.
Show her that you have an opinion and that your ideas are different from the ones that she has. Trying to please her all the way will get her bored quickly. She will understand that she has complete control over you and she will soon begin ignoring you.

Pay Attention to Your Appearance

Appearance is important, no matter what self-help books and gurus say. People judge others on the basis of appearance. They use it to decide whether to get to know somebody better.
Always work on your outfit and your appearance before going out. They say that men are the ones that stare and pay attention to the pretty girls but women do the same. The secret is that they do it more delicately.
Perfect hair, the scent of nice cologne and an outfit that flatters your figure will help you go a long way. Working out every once in a while will be helpful, as well. Women will quickly fall for a nice body and a charming smile. Those long, tedious hours at the gym will finally start paying off.

Master the Art of Conversation

A good conversation is a form of art. The old cliché says that women love with their ears. Learn how to flirt with her and how to keep her intrigued in the conversation. Managing to do that will ensure your success with the lady.
People who are good in conversations have a lot of experience in social situations. This is why you have to practice a lot. Talk to strangers you are not interested in. Such communication efforts will help you perform incredibly well when you find that special lady.

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