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Tips on How to Talk to Women

How to talk to women – so many books have been written on the topic and men still have no clue. There are tons of contradictory suggestions and they increase the confusion even further.
Talking to women will be fun, as long as you are confident and during the process. Your insecurities and shyness will instantly diminish chances of success. Follow these tips to get ladies interested.
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Eye Contact can Tell You a Lot

When in the bar, in a café or in another public place, try to establish eye contact with the woman you are interested in.
Looking at her and giving her a smile will show her that you are interested. Her response will help you decide whether to approach her and start a conversation. If she likes you, she will smile back.
Refrain from fixing your eyes on her and following her every move. It will look scary rather than seductive. Just show her that you are interested and move on with other activities in case she does not respond.

Pick Up Lines are a Bad Idea!

Men tend to come up with really cheesy, aggressive or boring pick up lines. Relying on the pick up lines that you discovered online will fail doing the trick. The pick up statement is an attempt at originality that shows a lack of creativity.
Refrain from using clichéd pick up lines. Ladies hate them. Instead, be genuine. You can start a conversation by asking her a question. An ambiguous statement like “can I tell you something” or “do you know that I am experiencing something quite unusual right now” will get her to respond out of curiosity. This is how you get a conversation started.

Talking about the Weather?

There are topics to avoid when trying to talk to women. These topics are boring and they will create a mediocre first impression.
Refrain from discussing the weather, when you approach her. Stating the obvious will be another incredibly bad idea. You have to be yourself but you will also have to come up with a topic that will get her interested.
Observe her for a little bit of time before going over to talk to her. The things that she does and her body language could give you some interesting conversation ideas. The more personalized your approach is, the higher your chances of success become.

Be Playful and Flirty

When talking to women, it is important to demonstrate your intentions right from the start. Let her know that you find her attractive rather than that you are trying to become her best guy friend.
Women enjoy playful conversations and men who know how to flirt. Flirting is an exquisite game that you should learn how to play. An intelligent, witty and delicious flirt will make it very likely for you to get a date with that lady.
When learning how to talk to women, try to keep it natural, humorous and flirty. Make her laugh and she will definitely give you a chance. Enjoy the process, as well!

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