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How to Approach Women in Public

So many men experience paralyzing fear of approaching women, even if they have fallen madly in love and feel desperate need to get that chance. The truth is that learning how to approach women is much simpler than many guys think it is.
Women are human beings that suffer from fears and insecurities, as well. Being honest and confident will guarantee your chances of success when approaching ladies in public.
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Choose the Right Place to Approach Women

Certain public places are great for approaching women. In other situations, you will simply scare ladies and send them running and screaming away from you.
Meeting a lady in the bar, in a library, in a café or a theater is a great possibility. These are places meant to encourage social interactions. Very often, ladies will expect to be approached there.
Refrain from trying to talk to her in a dark street late at night or when she is trying to get home. She will probably think that you are a creepy stalker. Even if you feel tempted to seize this opportunity, try to practice some restriction.

Just Give Her a Smile

Instead of coming up with a complex scenario and spending half an hour to think of a great pick up line, give her a smile.
People respond positively to a smile. Even if she has no interest in you, she will probably smile back. The reaction is natural and highly plausible. Once she smiles back, you will have a reason to approach her and to start a conversation.
The technique is so simple and efficient, yet many men think of other possibilities because they tend to overcomplicate the scenario. Give it a try next time you feel attracted to someone in public.

Self-Confidence is the Key

Feeling shy and embarrassed about approaching women will immediately shine through your communication efforts.
Confidence and enjoying the process are the key to success. Know who you are and learn to accept and love yourself. Ladies will immediately feel the inner peace and they will probably respond positively to your communication attempts.
Experience will help your self-confidence increase. Work on your communication skills, your sense of humor and your appearance. Try to talk to perfect strangers every now and then. The more you do it, the less scared you will feel about it.

Talk to Her Friends and Win Their Approval

Instead of talking to the girl you are interested in, approach her friends.
Winning her friends over means that half of the job is already done. Girls are influenced by the opinions of their friends. If the other girls find you charming, she will become more interested in you.
Pay attention to all of the girls, even if it appears to be time-consuming and worthless. Buy them a drink, say something nice about their appearance. Flirt with all of the ladies and she will soon get interested in the things you have to say.

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