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How To Flirt Right

How To Flirt Right

Learn the 3 Things Women Hate About Men and How to Avoid Being the Single Guy That Women Hate

Just about every guy thinks he knows how to flirt. But guess what…
Most men have NO CLUE how to flirt “right.” And here’s the basic problem:
If you don’t understand how to use words and body language in such a way that it creates SEXUAL TENSION in a woman… right from the beginning of a conversation… it’s GAME OVER before you even get started.
But of course, like I said, most men have no clue how to flirt and make sexual tension actually work… That in mind, here’s how to flirt “right” to create results with women.

1. Set The Tone

Think of flirting like playing. Remember when you were a kid and you used to “play fight” with your friends?
Flirting is very similar.
If you start talking to a woman and say, “Hi, you’re very pretty. You probably have a boyfriend, right?” in a normal tone of voice, you’re NOT flirting.
On the other hand, if you say, “Hi, I realize that you’re probably shy because you get absolutely no attention from men… so I thought I’d come over here and pay a little attention to you…” it’s OBVIOUS that you’re setting a tone that’s not serious.
You’re using what I call “Cocky & Funny.”
Cocky & Funny is a powerful,concentrated way of setting the tone. When it comes to how to flirt and create sexual tension, it’s a very specific kind of humor.
When you know how to flirt in a Cocky & Funny way, you tune into a certain frequency in a woman’s mind that causes her to go into a very special kind of emotional state… the kind that drives her to want to get to know you better.

2. Communicate In A Way That Creates SEXUAL TENSION

Without Sexual Tension, you have NO CHANCE of taking things to the next level with a woman.
So here’s an example of how to create it…
When you’re in a bar of club, ask a waitress for something you know they don’t have. When she says, “I’m sorry, we don’t have that”, project both confidence and indifference with your voice tone as you say…
“OK, this relationship isn’t working out. I’m going to have to break up with you.”
When you communicate like this, you’re FLIRTING… you’re TEASING…. and you’re initiating a DIFFERENT KIND OF COMMUNICATION than what most men initiate. It gets a woman attention fast. It intrigues her in a very deep,engaging way.
In other words, it creates SEXUAL TENSION.
And once the woman you’re talking to is feeling sexual tension, THE GAME IS ON.
So say something like this in just about ANY situation… with ANY woman who’s saying something that you don’t like or agree with… and you’ll see amazing results.
By the way, there are a LOT of ways as far as how to flirt with Cocky & Funny that don’t even require words.
For example, if a woman looks at you and raises an eyebrow, look back at her and do the same… only exaggerate it.
If a woman puts her hand on your arm, look down at it, then look up at her in a surprised way, then raise your eyebrows as if you just had a major “ah ha!” realization… then start smiling and nodding your head as if you just realized that she wants you.
This is a powerful combination because it’s funny, and it exaggerates the meaning in her touching you.
It creates “tension”, but in a good way. Sexually.
And that’s what flirting is all about.



The key to how to flirt right is “getting a feel for it”. You have to actually get out there and practice so you know how flirting works, and you learn how to control it.
But the sad truth is, most guys give up after they try a line or technique, and a woman responds negatively.
Instead of just realizing that they need more practice, most men take it personally and decide it means that they’re a failure. But take my word for it… if you keep trying to learn how to flirt effectively, you WILL SIMPLY NOT BELIEVE how women will respond to you.
It’ll feel like you’ve suddenly acquired some kind of “magic power.”
Now, there are a MILLION ways to flirt… but you NEED TO START DOING IT CORRECTLY to open an easy, natural dialogue that creates sexual tension… and leads to ATTRACTION.
And if you DON’T learn how to create attraction or how to approach a girl, you’ll just keep having boring, “normal” conversations with women that go nowhere.
Need a refresher on the basics of creating ATTRACTION in such a way that a woman can’t stop thinking about you?
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