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TOP 17 EASIEST Countries to Pick Up Women/BANG HOT GIRLS in 2016

Nations where you will see serious action

This is not a list over the top 10 countries with the hottest babes. The country with the sexiest women in the world,Romania, is not even here. Nor is it rundown of the easiest countries to score in. Estonia is not here either.

It’s a list over the EASIEST countries to bang HOT girls!

There are hot girls in every country on the planet. But who the hell cares if you can’t bang any of them? That’s right, no one! What matters is how obtainable those hotties are.
A hot girl is . . . 
  • Skinny & feminine with a rock hard body, has toned thin legs, tiny waist, dresses slutty, loves piercings, worships tattoos and rocks a shaved muff 7 days a week
In terms of style . . .
  • She wouldn’t be caught dead wearing high waist shorts, hates underwear, swears by miniskirts and was born in high heels with black leather straps that stretches way up her calfs
Yeah I know, I just described Superwoman and it’s rough finding a girl that conforms to all this outside of strip-joints. So let’s make it a little easier. If a girl fit at least a couple of these criteria, i.e. skinny, feminine, sexy style and puts out . . . well, you get the picture ?

Now that we have our definition out of the way let’s get down to it.

10. Indonesia, Bandung | Bali | Jakarta

Indonesia is the only Islamic country to make it in the top 10. If you thought the type of woman just described doesn’t conform very well with the religious teachings of the Arabian 7th century marauder from what is modern day Saudi Arabia, you’d be correct. If you thought maybe such girls do indeed exist in the Islamic world, but surely wouldn’t put out as sexual relations outside of wedlock is a big no no in such countries, you’d once again be correct.

Luckily, in a nation made up of 17 000 islands and 255 million people, you’re going to have some rebells

Not to speak of a flurry of different cultural norms and religious 


beliefs. That’s the only way I can rationalize the experiences I’ve had around Java and other Indonesian islands. In the interest of accuracy, the cities of Bandung and Jakarta plus the Hindu stronghold of Bali being the three wildest.

The latter in particular is teeming with women from all the other islands seeking a refuge where they can act out their slutty fantasies without attracting scorn from the religious nutters in their hometown.
Women in both Bali and Jakarta in particular don’t think twice about dressing sexy or banging guys they’ve just met. RESPECT!
English is widely spoken and is less of a challenge than in more famous South-East Asian destinations. Notable exception being the Philippines.
Most Fertile Hunting Grounds: Any nightclub in any part of town

Fastest Quality Bang: 1 hour – a coyote dancer from Hard Rock Cafe in Bali with no english whom kidnapped me back to hers

9. Poland, Krakow | Warsaw

Nothing in life comes gift-wrapped on a silver plate. Polish ass is no exception.  It’s rougher getting laid here than in the Baltic neighbors to the north. Yet there is so much quality abound and simply hanging in there for a week or so will have you lucking out.

Do your time and there will be a crime!

Getting acquainted with a large number of prospects is an absolute must. Polish women are very talkative albeit quite boring. At least the ones that are semi-interested in foreigners so the key is to simply approach, approach and APPROACH and not let nasty rejections or the ubiquitous cockblockers derail the mission just because they occur more frequently here than anywhere else.
Poland sneaks into the list based on sexier women than Indonesia and a lack of viable alternatives.
Most Fertile Hunting Grounds: Clubs outside Old Town | Zlote Tarasy Warsaw | Galeria Krakowska

Fastest Quality Bang: 90 minutes – metalgirl with a Gorgoroth fetish I chatted up at Zlote Tarasy

8. Hungary, Budapest

In the late 1990s, Hungary’s capital gained the much coveted nickname; The Bangkok of Europe. I arrived 15 years late for that and have no idea if it ever lived up to this name. I can only assume it meant lots of scantly clad beautiful women courting foreigners with questionable motives. Modern Budapest is nothing like that. The women dress and look sophisticated.

There appeared to be no great yearning for foreigners either as the Bangkok reference would imply

What’s left is an Eastern European city much like the others, full 


of hot girls that only give it up to those whom they deem the most worthy of men. Of course worthiness, as beauty, is in the eye of the beholder.

It doesn’t take more than proper leather shoes, being well dressed and the ability to hang in there until you’ve passed the screening process.
In Hungary this was a slightly less strenuous undertaking than in most countries behind the old iron curtain. Hungarians are sexually quite liberated.
*Visit Hooter’s, pictured right, first to see what the top shelf liquors look like. Adjust your expectations accordingly ?
Most Fertile Hunting Grounds: Downtown Ruin-Bars | McDonald’s at night | Online

Fastest Quality Bang: 2 hours – Woman on a pub-crawl from a bar area behind Hooter’s

7. Japan, Tokyo

The Japanese often find themselves at the forefront of technological advancements that subsequently sweep across the rest of the world. I’ve been waiting since forever for the same to apply to fashion. I’m still waiting. . . ? and am willing to for a long time. The reason is simple:

For decades Japanese girls have been strutting around the streets of Shibuya in outfits only the sluttiest strippers dare wear in other parts of the world

Culturally this country has some pretty strict moral codes. Most 


people do their utmost to look serious, unfazed and depressed throughout the day. Don’t let this fool you!

When the Japos let lose, THEY REALLY LET LOOSE! The best tactic here is to Go Caveman. Alternatively let them Caveman you. I tried both.
This is sexually one of the strangest countries in the world. A large part of the population abstain completely. Others live and bang as Manga cartoon characters. Go for the wildest cartoons you see. I know this sounds insane. Every man needs to travel to Japan to simply see this for himself.
*Bonus point to Japanese women for their lovemaking sounds. It’s not a myth!
Most Fertile Hunting Grounds: 109 Mall in Shibuya | Bars in Roppongi | Nightclubs in Shinjuku

Fastest Quality Bang: 5 minutes – chic in a native American outift assaulted me in a disco in Shinjuku, luckily in the pre-camera phone age

6. Philippines, Manilla | Subic | Angeles

A list of the easiest countries to score would have Philippines vying with Estonia and Thailand for the top spot. Seeing as Pinoy women are soft, i.e. lack the rock hard bodies a super hottie must posses, the country should count itself lucky to be as high as #6. Their flabby spongelike bodies, despite being petite and feminine, is sadly a big disappointment. The girls of this nation of 5000 islands are culturally a strange crop.

Fanatically Catholic in most aspects of life, they’re religiously heathen when it comes to sleeping around

It’s the only country on earth, possible exception Brazil, where 


Jesus’ actions in life serves as more of a model for how one should live than his words. If you don’t get this reference go read about whom exactly Jesus hung around with throughout most of his adult life.

Contrary to almost everywhere else on the planet, being a normal nice boring man is pure gold in the Philippines. Nerds of the world take notes! Dressing well whilst looking and sounding professional is all it takes, as South-East Asians don’t generally give the third degree demanding some elaborate cover story.
Additionally, a guy not getting laid as he’s overly skinny in the West will find himself looking stacked in the Pines. No wonder so many Westerners travel to the Philippines to take on a wife or two.
Most Fertile Hunting Grounds: Anywhere with girls | Online | Tinder

Fastest Quality Bang: 1 hour – girl I met on a floating bar in Subic holidaying with her sponsor

5. Latvia, Riga

Thirty percent of Latvia’s population is Russian. They look quite different from the real Latvians. Both walk determinedly around in high heels even during winter. The Russians seemed to be on the job. The Latvians, just out to party. Socially the two don’t mingle much. It is the real Latvians that here rank 5th.

They are skinny, feminine and almost as blonde as the Estonians

Sexually they put on a huge front. This must be broken down with conversation and proof, which you must provide, of the non-sexual rationale behind your stay in the country. Luckily they have lots of cool stories about crazy Russians, World War II and drunken madness you can kill time with.
*Extra point to the Latvians for being the coolest to hang with
Most Fertile Hunting Grounds: Streets & bars of Old Town | Forget discos unless locals bring you

Fastest Quality Bang: 2 days – a bartender from Old Town who showed me around the nightlife scene

4. Ukraine, Kiev

It takes minimum several days, usually weeks to score in Ukraine. So why does it rank 4th? One word, quality. You won’t bang hotter women anywhere else. So why doesn’t it rank 1st? Well, it ain’t easy. Ukrainian girls, as I’ve elaborated on hereherehere and yet again here, don’t play hard to get. They ARE hard to get!

Just know that hard doesn’t mean hard in the Western sense

Scoring a model in the West is hard as you better look like Brad Pitt, be wealthy, or both. In Ukraine, it’s hard because it’s time consuming. Considering how beautiful the women are in this country they really are remarkably NOT stuck-up.
The labour you must put in is well worth it as the reward will be very high. Once in, you’re likely to not want to move on as is so often the case in Asian countries were the women you bang offer zero intellectual stimulation.
Most Fertile Hunting Grounds: Beach | Malls | Nightclubs away from city centre

Fastest Quality Bang: 4 days – first beach date with a dental assistant I’d previously met on a park bench

3. Colombia, Bogota | Cali | Cartagena

Most Colombians speak zero english. This made it hard to find anything lasting and meaningful . . . which is perfect as that’s NOT what this article is about ? Colombia’s best feature is the Paisa women. These little Ariana Grande body-doubles can be found in every city. You just have to search a little as many Colombian girls are losing the battle of the bulge badly.

The ones that don’t, sport an exotic sensual look and are extremely sexual in nature

Like Ukraine, there are easier countries behind Colombia on this 


list. The quality of the women is simply so high it weighs up for their level of difficulty.

Their language, which is possibly the sexiest on the planet, also adds to Colombia’s tally. Only downside is the voluptuous body-type so many of the women aspire to.
They achieve it by putting silicone in places you never thought possible. Some absolutely destroy their feminine beautiful bodies doing so. Let’s hope its a short-term trend.
Most Fertile Hunting Grounds: Online | Clubs

Fastest Quality Bang: 2 hours  a tour guide (or so she claimed) from a nightclub in Cartagena

2. Thailand, Bangkok | Pattaya |Phuket

Thai girls know what they want and are not afraid to take it. I can count the countries where women will approach guys on one hand. Thailand is one of them. Women in the aforementioned cities speak decent english and prove the expression ignorance is bliss correctTheir carefree minimalist existence revolves around Sanook (fun), food and partying.

As in all countries where the authorities do their utmost to convey the image of a society that’s all about conservative social values, there’s an underbelly here seething with debauchery

The epicenter of this are the party scenes of Pattaya, 


Bangkok and Phuket. As for the rest of the country you can find pockets of the same in almost every town.

Thai girls are quite used to following a man’s lead so an Eastern Europe style strongman approach works very well.
Once in, you’ll be taken around to local spots you’d never find on your own and see 50 times more of the country & culture than the hordes whom solemnly, yet fallaciously, swear they’re there for the temples.
Most Fertile Hunting Grounds: Online | Siam Paragon | Food Courts | Central Malls | Nightclubs

Fastest Quality Bang: 3 min – a camgirl (I found out later) standing in the street saw me on my porch and motioned with her hands she wanted to bang

1. Brazil, Fortaleza

There simply is no beating Brazil. Brazilian women are fit, hard, feminine, fun, dress sexy and more importantly; PUT OUT! In many a country the language barrier is to high to scale. In Brazil, simply don’t scale it. There was no need for deep meaningful conversations or building attraction. Sex is simply just meaningless sex. No big deal!

Exactly how I suspect it was in most nations before modern religion and the morality police came and fu*ked everything up

Compare modern day sexually repressive India with the 


ancient more awesome version that decorated temples with orgies for example, but I digress . . .  back to Brazil.

As the third Catholic country on a list lacking even a single Protestant, I’m beginning to lose all respect for Martin Luther’s legacy. Maybe all this priestly talk and papal decrees on chastity has a perfect reverse psychological effect. Maybe we need even more Catholic countries!
Whatever the cause, Brazil is awesome and I’ve come across no country with hotter bangable women.
*For possibly the easiest city in the world, try Manaus, deep in the Amazon rainforest. Just don’t expect much quality wise
Most Fertile Hunting Grounds: Praia Beira Mar | Praia Iracema | Pirata Club | Bars On Crocobeach

Fastest Quality Bang: 60 min – first beer date on the beach with a seamstress

There’s nothing worse than planning a vacation or a semi-permanent change of locales, only to get there and find you’ve picked a spot that’s no-go for meeting attractive new women: either there aren’t many attractive young women, or the women who are there are closed to meeting new people / foreign men.
Therefore, to assist with your trip planning in 2013, we’ve put together a list – part shrewd detective work, part advice from several sources that will go unnamed – of the top seven (7) travel destinations in 2013 for men looking to meet new women.
Let’s dive in.

#7: Tajikistan

Following its independence from the Soviet Union in 1991, Tajikistan became mired in a civil war that saw the utter destruction of its economy, leading it to become one of the poorest nations on Earth. And as everybody knows, poor women are women just waiting for more privileged men from other parts of the world to swoop down and save them from lives of poverty and wretchedness. Every poor girl wants to have her own Cinderella story.
There aren’t really bars here, and Wikitravel recommends that you make sure you’re back indoors before sundown, which means you’ll primarily be doing day game. The treatment of foreigners isn’t quite as lavish here as in some of the neighboring nations, like Iran and Afghanistan – but that just means you’ll have less competition from other foreigners not willing to step their games up and play hard or go home.

#6: Greenland

You’ve probably heard that women in Iceland are attractive and friendly to foreigners. But you may not have heard about the women of Greenland.
While the restaurant and hotel prices in Greenland are high, the temperatures here arelow… and that just means more lonely women looking for a warm body to keep the subzero wind gusts at bay.

#5: Turkmenistan

Another one of the “Stans,” Turkmenistan is perhaps best known for the paintings, buildings, and giant golden statues erected all over the country in honor of its now-deceased, all-powerful leader Turkmenbashi (“Father of All Turks”), who was known to say he felt a little embarrassed seeing so many monuments to himself while strolling about town, but that it’s “what the people want.”
Walking with women here can lead to arrest – police often assume a woman walking with a foreign man is a prostitute, and take you both in. That makes Turkmenistan the perfect place to work on your time-bridging and follow-up game – you’ll need to be good at letting women go and having them meet you again later, unless you want to spend the night in jail… so, come prepared to level up in those areas, and get really solid at setting up dates and counteracting flaking.

#4: Saudi Arabia

Head-to-toe abayas are the style-du-jour (and legal minimum covering) of women in Saudi. Which is great news for men struggling with approach anxiety around beautiful women – if you can’t tell whether she’s beautiful or not, there’s nothing to be afraid of!
One downside, perhaps, of Saudi Arabia is that it is against the law for single women and single men to mix. The good news though is that the fanatical, volunteer religious morality police – known as the muttawa – aren’t allowed in shopping malls or diplomatic compounds. What they don’t know won’t hurt them!

#3: North Korea

One of the best things about meeting women abroad is the exoticness factor – just like women in your home country go crazy for foreign men, women in foreign countries go crazy for you – because thereyou’re the novelty.
And nowhere on Earth are foreign men more novel than in North Korea.
Think you can’t go to North Korea? Wrong you are! There are tours departing all the time from Beijing (see: Koryo Tours). The challenge for you once you get in is going to be giving your “guides” (read: handlers) the slip – they follow you just about everywhere, to make sure you only see what they want you to see.
Make sure you leave your computer and smart phone at home, unless you want them filled with North Korean government spyware when they’re seized from you on entering the country before you get them returned. And it’s not like you’ll be accessing the Internet anyway – you’re in North Korea, after all.
But, should you succeed in slipping away from the fake towns filled with artificial shops and pretend inhabitants all there purely for your visiting pleasure and manipulated impression of the country, and you manage to get out to meet some real North Korean women, just make sure you tell them you’re from Europe. Remember, they’ve been brainwashed for decades with mental programming to the gist of every ounce of suffering and privation they endure being something that’s come at the hands of America. You might not get the same exoticness boost by telling them you’re from the States, then.

#2: Somalia

Tired of Turkmenistan’s smothering police, Saudi Arabia’s overzealous volunteer morality cops (who obviously have way too much time on their hands), and North Korea’s constant hand-holding (and fake everything)? Then you’re going to love Somalia… a place with no rules, guides, or laws.
At all.
Like, there’s not even a real government in Somalia.
Which means, of course, that you can do anything you want!
Including dating sexy pirate women – remember, piracy is at the top of the economic food chain here, and being a pirate is about the highest rank achievable in Somali society.
Just be smart while in Somalia – don’t let any pirate women’s pirate husbands find out you’ve been playing steal the booty, lest you find yourself walking the plank. Pirates are a lot less forgiving these days now that their captives have been fighting back – make sure you remember your right to parlay, should you end up in any sticky situations.

#1: Antarctica

If you’re struggling with losing women because you haven’t quite gotten rid of that creepy vibe yet, Antarctica may well be your dream destination – during wintertime (roughly April to September), the sun stops rising and the seas freeze up, and nobody gets in andnobody gets out. Which means, I’m sure you’ve realized, she can’t go anywhere! She’ll just have to get used to you – and learn to see your awesome side.
Every year, only a few hundred people remain in Antarctica during the brutal winter, but every year those few hundred people are supplied with tens of thousands of condoms. If that doesn’t sound like the makings of a hedonistic wintery fun-fest, I don’t know what does. Book your trip soon, though – you won’t be able to make it in there before the seas ice over and the sun goes down if you don’t get on it right now.
One word of advice if you’re going: make absolutely sure you move fast before they close the place off for winter. Nothing worse than having all the hot girls pair off for six long, cold months of darkness, while you’re left with nobody but the sled dogs for company and no way off the continent for half a year.

… and there you have it. Your top seven countries to pick up women in 2016.
No sense lounging around – get over to your favorite travel search engine and book your flight – hordes of beautiful foreign women await.

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