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In this post I breakdown my ultra-practical, basic method for how to fuck women – written from real experience. I put this together because I know that having your sex life handled is extremely important for most of you guys. Unfortunately almost all the available information out there is garbage.
You either end up trying to learn from a sex guide by some lame married journalist with no sexual experience. Or even worse, you try to learn how to fuck real world women from watching porn.  Porn sex, although somewhat useful to watch, is not a good model for what women really want and completely ignores the emotional elements that really turn her on.
In my not so humble opinion I’m good in bed. I’ve also banged my way well into triple digits so I can tell you the strategies outlined here will work on a wide variety of women. If you’re serious about being good with women you need to have this area mastered because there is no better way to get women addicted to you then with good sex.
For just the basics however you can still check out the original guide below for free:

Ideal Conditions

  • No food 3 hours before, this will drastically increase your stamina and performance
  • Lube/condom/toys/baby wipes within close reach, ideally nightstand
  • Showered
  • Bodily functions taken care of
  • Generic Cialis if necessary
  • Day Time/early evening sex as you’ll have more energy in general
  • Avoid caffeine, it’s a vasoconstrictor and a stimulant, you want your nervous system to be relaxed for good sex
  • Phenibut for performance anxiety and stronger bliss sensations and emotional connection
  • At least 10 minutes of foreplay is ideal
  • The exception to this would be if she’s already super horny, say you’ve been sexting her on Tinder, then you can skip all the foreplay and get right into fucking
  • Usually though you want to start with kissing, stroking, rubbing her through her clothes, you can always rip her clothes off but usually it’s better to tease her with anticipation first, you want that pussy to be dripping by the time you touch it.
  • Tune in to the subtle ways she kisses/touches you and mimic her movements back to her to create a seamless rhythm and put yourself and her into a trance
  • Lots of intense kissing, eye contact, basically the opposite of porn star sex
  • Bedroom eyes while kissing and fucking her, make her look you in the eyes in missionary, it puts her in a trance
  • Ravish her
  • She’s fucking the image of you as a man, remember that so present a dominant, intense passionate man
  • Start slow to pace yourself, tease her, allow her to get really wet, allow both of you to develop a rhythm
  • Don’t just jam your cock into her, tease her with it, make her earn it, give her shallow strokes at first before you give her the whole thing, remember you’re fucking her mind first, her body second.
  • Try and maintain a steady rhythm at all times, this is very important, don’t switch positions every couple minutes like in porn, work on developing that steady stroke
  • Think about when a girl is giving you head, you don’t want her rhythm to be all over the place and she doesn’t want that from you either
  • Adjust your speed based on how she responds and what feels good for you, but try to stay at each rhythm change, either slow/medium/fast, for at least a few minutes before you change-up the speed
  • You can increase or decrease the speed but save the ultra fast pace for when she or you are getting close to cumming
Standing Doggy Style
  • Keeping her legs together works better for standing doggy style
  • Make sure she keeps her back arched so you can get in at a good angle, and get her to bend her knees if she’s too tall
  • It’s good to throw her against the wall to add some dominance or in front of the mirror
  • For extra dominance: pull her hair, spank her ass, get her to rub her clit
Kneeling Doggy Style
  • For small girls you can keep their legs together but for average sized to taller girls it’s better to be between their legs as her pussy will be too high otherwise
  • You can keep her legs together and go up on your feet in squat position and fuck her but this will wear your legs out in about two minutes
  • Another option is to keep her legs together but get her to rest her thighs on her calves so her pussy is at a good height
  • Missionary is my favorite position because it gives you maximum mental dominance by letting you stare into her soul when you fuck her
  • The look you want is piercing and powerful
  • Show her complete dominance, kiss and you’ll both fall into a trance
  • Prop yourself up on your elbows and cup her face/head for a more romantic vibe
  • Wrap your arms around her tight, bring her in close and put your weight on her to make her feel completely enveloped in you
  • Grab her ass and push it against your cock so you get deeper inside, with the option of rubbing/fingering her asshole
Medium Missionary
  • In medium missionary you have her legs lifted at a medium level, between high and flat on the bed
  • Go deep and aim your cock up to hit her A spot just above her cervix, you will need your whole cock for this, the A spot is also known as the anterior fornix
  • Drop her right leg a bit lower and have her rub her clit in this position, this brings more girls to orgasm than any position I know
High Missionary
  • In high missionary, lift her legs high and prop yourself up on your hands or fists, think about high plank in yoga
  • Aim your cock up to hit her G Spot, you will only need about half your cock inside her to do this, the lower half of your cock should be rubbing against the lower lip of her pussy with your whole body moving as one
  • Watch as the girl stares entranced at your cock going inside her, girls love watching your cock fuck her
  • You can also lift your self onto the balls of your feet and use them to push off so you can add some extra force to your strokes
  • A variation of this is to arch your lower back as you’re pulling out then finishing each stroke with a powerful whip of your hips to really pound her deep
Girl On Top On Couch
  • You’ll want to be sitting straight up with your legs together while she straddles you
  • Control the tempo by moving her ass up and down or back and forth
  • Make sure to keep your dick angled towards her G spot, this position is very good for making girls orgasm and I like it a lot more than traditional girl on top because it’s more of an equal power dynamic
Girl Lying On Her Stomach
  • Keep her legs together with you straddling her either propped up on your hands or with your elbows or arms wrapped around her
  • This is another position girls really seem to love because it combines the angle of doggy style with the closeness of missionary
  • Girls always love the doggy style angle because that’s the position we’re designed to fuck in like every other animal in the kingdom
  • Additional option: rub her clit yourself, this is a very powerful tool in this position
  • Hot yoga for hips and arm/leg strength
  • Use the stationary Bike for high intensity training
  • If you feel like you’re getting close to cumming, slow down, focus on a point on the wall and take deep breaths in and out of your mouth
  • If that technique isn’t working you can go down and eat her pussy for a few minutes
  • Debrief her on how she orgasms after sex but don’t make a big deal if you can’t fuck her to an orgasm
  • If you can’t make her cum with your cock aim to make her cum with your mouth or fingers
Sex With A New Girl
  • Avoid couch sex for the first time, the bed will be your best performance
  • First time sex is always exciting (especially if its with a stranger who came (straight to your house off Tinder) so your goal should be to aim to last 10 minutes or more
  • Even seasoned vets like me my dick sometimes needs a cooldown period with a new hot girl, that means going slow even when she wants it faster
  • Don’t get too fancy the first time, the key is good foreplay, passion and adjusting to each other’s style
  • Debrief her after first time sex about what makes her cum and use that on her in the future
  • Debrief on what she fantasizes about but hasn’t done and use it on her in the future
Dirty Talk
  • All girls like dirty talk, the only question is the amount and the extent
  • Baby step with dirty talk, don’t expect much back from them except “ya”
  • Low self-esteem girls will like being called a slut and a whore and so will some high self-esteem girls, it’s all play and fantasy and not how you think of her
Rough Sex
  • Initiate rough sex in baby steps, hair pulling, ass spanking, biting, if she enjoys it you can increase the aggressiveness
  • Be dominant, no girl wants to take control in the bedroom, you only see that in porn movies, in real life a girl wants to be ravished by a dominant man
  • Sex with a condom will never be your best performance because you lose half of your precision
  • Girls will bleed/spot about 1/10 times you have sex
  • The more girls you have the more sexual confidence you get and the more relaxed you are
  • 1/3 of girls can’t cum without clitoral stimulation
  • Some girls can’t cum with a guy at all
  • Some girls cum/multiple orgasm very easily 
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