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How to Beat Shyness Around Women- What Men Should Know

How to Beat Shyness Around Women- What Men Should Know

Many men are confident and know their way around women and this is an advantage and a skill they can use to succeed in dating women.  Unfortunately, there are men who lack confidence and so shy that they cannot express themselves around women and so they end up dateless and loveless. For these men, knowing how to beat their shyness around women is important for them to have the relationship they’ve always wanted with their dream woman.
How to Beat Shyness Around Women- What Men Should Know
How to Beat Shyness Around Women- What Men Should Know
So how to beat your shyness around women?
Decide to do something to conquer your shyness around women.The first thing to do is to make a decision that you will act and do something to beat your shyness around women. If you want to have a good job will you just sit there and wait? Or will you go out and do something to get that job you really want? Anything you want can be achieved by making a plan and taking action whether it is in your professional life or in your personal life. If you want something in your life, you have to do something and go for it. The sooner you start, the sooner you’ll get over your shyness around women.
Pretend you are confident. Building confidence is one of the secrets of beating shyness around women. The thing about building confidence is that you have to start somewhere and pretending or acting as if you are confident is a good start. You don’t have to be really confident from the outset but you have to learn to appear and act as if you are confident. Start with your appearance. Be a good dresser, always practice good posture, stand and walk taller and maintain eye contact. If you act like a confident man, people including the opposite sex will start to recognize you as a confident person which can help you gain more confidence that eventually you will find yourself not pretending anymore.

Practice approaching women.  If you are the shy type, approaching women is nerve wracking. You’ll get anxious, palm sweating and butterflies in your stomach but if you really want to conquer your shyness around women, you have to take the first step and do it. There is no especial formula in approaching women but to keep doing it. Sure you will experience rejections and failures many times because of your shyness but if you want to beat your shyness around women, you have to keep doing it until you became comfortable approaching women. The more practice you have in approaching women, the less nervous you’ll become. Remember that real failure is not about trying and failing, real failure is about not even trying. Having the courage to approach a woman and say hello whatever the outcome is already a success. Who knows if in one of those tries you’ll meet the one woman who will become your lifetime partner? You’ll be missing a lot of opportunities by not trying.
Talk to people more. Another secret to overcome your shyness around women is to put yourself out there and be more sociable. Talk to people more, not only to the opposite sex but also to men, older people and people of your age group. The more people you talk to, the less pressure you’ll feel and the more confident you’ll become in talking to everyone including women. Get yourself out there and become a more sociable person.
Exercise and keep yourself healthy and fit. Shyness around women can stem from being not too confident and happy with your body and your looks. People usually feel confident when they like what they see in the mirror. Hit the gym and exercise regularly to shed off those unwanted pounds and beer belly. Adapt a healthy lifestyle, keep yourself active and fit. If you are happy with your looks, it will boost your confidence and you will be more motivated to work on conquering your shyness around women.
Realize that women are people too. It is important to realize that you are not the only one who are struggling from shyness. Women can be as shy and nervous as you are around the opposite sex. So there is no reason for you to feel threatened and afraid to approach or talk to women. You can even help each other beat each other’s shyness and become comfortable with each other.
Shyness is a habit that puts limitations on what you could have or achieve in your life. It may be a habit formed in your childhood or it started at some point in your life for whatever reason and it became a part of you. The good thing is that habits can be unlearned and changed. You can train your brain and your body to acquire new habits that are beneficial to you and can help you achieve that things you passionately want in your life. Don’t let shyness get the best of you and stop struggling from shyness.

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