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4 Reasons You Shouldn’t Have Sex with Her

What can prevent a man and a woman from making love? It seems that everything is as clear as communication with ladies on Even if a woman is beautiful, smart and she seems to be the meaning of your life like Beatrice was for Dante, it still does not mean that you should have sex with her. At least not yet. It is better to leave before the electric light will be replaced by fragrant candles, clothes will fall down, and you will not be able to restrain yourself.

1. She’s obsessive.

To rid yourself of the parasites, it is necessary to go through a long and not the most pleasant course of treatment. To kick an obsessed girl out of your life, you need to have aspen sticks, know several effective prayers and have serious arguments why you cannot be together because the obsessed woman sticks better than the carpet fibers to a lollipop. On the one hand, it’s nice to feel truly fan-like adoration, but it will annoy you very soon. You shouldn’t start a relationship with such a woman because she will spoil your life and threaten to commit suicide. So, don’t make concessions. This is not the case when you need to catch happiness, which comes so easy to you.

2. She has a boyfriend.

Even if the girl is salacious, you need to find out whether she is in a relationship before starting exploring her inner world. Such impudence is fraught with not the most pleasant consequences. To poach a woman is not the worthiest activity, but it’s much worse if you just have sex once a month without love. It is high time to think of the infamous but the correct in all respects saying, “Put yourself in their position.” Therefore, if you are not going to marry this monster, then do not interfere with their relationship.

3. You do not want or are not ready.

Sex is a highly overrated thing. Of course, it is quite important, and it is impossible to live without it, but it does not always meet expectations. You wait for it, you want to have sexual intercourse with many women, you find someone suitable, you seduce her, take off her panties, kiss awkwardly, try to feel each other and catch the rhythm to cum.  And with every next second, she seems less pleasant and attractive, you start thinking, “Why did I do that? It was not worth it. She was like a log.” You understand that everything is bog-standard, you have just wasted your time and money. Besides, you don’t want to look at her naked body, now you see all her shortcomings. You are not very excited, and the person with whom you were so close several minutes ago turns into an unpleasant stranger. She doesn’t understand your jokes, and you feel awkwardness. Your communication annoys you more with every second. Unfortunately, this happens quite often. However, you do not need to prove anything to anyone, nobody will judge you. Just remember that sexual life will disappoint you much less if you are selective about partners.

4. Your intentions are too frivolous in comparison with her ones.

You can perceive a woman as you like, she may be your prize or the meaning of life, you can think she is a witch or a fairy. There are relationships that very much resemble hunting from the side. At first, you track down her and start courting, then you promise a serious relationship and wait for the moment when you can achieve a genuine aim. There is no limit to female cunning, this is true, but some male acts look even worse. If the lady directly says that she is not looking for a casual relationship, and she is interested only in a serious one, then you should not trick her and claim that you cannot imagine your life without her if you are going to leave. You should better insist on your position or immediately instead of lying.

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